Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Friends, Kids and Adults

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Friends, Kids and Adults

     Valentine’s Day is one of the hardest holiday‘s to come up with gift ideas.  Every year I have seen lines of people around the floral counter relying on the age-old recipe of; card, candy and flowers.  So I’ve come up with several Valentine’s Day gift mood boards that will help to minimize the guesswork.  All the supplies such as gifts and cards can be purchased at Hella Kitsch.  All you have to do is hunt for a gift bag or wrap a few gifts.

For me personally the age that stumps me the most is the “tween” demographic.  Here are a few ideas I came up with…

Here we got fun colors, a treasure hunt candle a wish capsule, cute coin purse for little things and a vibrant card.  The treasure hunt candle is super cool because as it melts it reveals surprises or treasures which you dig out using the provided stick.  

Next to “tweens”, what to get boys?  They are equally as difficult to pinpoint.  Voila!  Here are some ideas that I think are gender neutral…

Love the idea of pea shooters for ALL kids.  What a great way to harmlessly burn off that sugar!  I’ve also included a sparkler, something parents may want to decide whether or not it is appropriate for their child’s age.

I’ve also attached some simple ideas for couples should one want to buy for their partner or spouse

And a few themed ideas…

The best part about these mood boards is that you can fine tune them by selecting the items you want.

At the end off the day your loved one will just be pleased to be thought of by you!  Happy Valentine’s Day, may you be surrounded by those you love!


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