I’ve Got a Card For That!

I’ve Got a Card For That!

     I’ve often seen awesome greeting cards on e-commerce sites that would be perfect for a particular person, but I cannot fathom just purchasing a single card and having to foot for shipping on such a small purchase.  Over the past year I’ve succumbed to these urges, especially when I see a card with one of my inside jokes or the perfect punchline - I need to share!

     So I became what one might consider to be a card hoarder, if you will.  My card purchases were so sporadic but growing in numbers, that I would often times misplace them as they came in.  So I organized. Enter the rot-a-card!  I now purchase a fresh batch of cards for the year beginning with the current year’s Christmas cards.  I tuck cards for birthdays, baby, new home, sympathy, weddings, congratulations and friendship as well as some blank inside greetings in my cart to take care of all my sentiments for the year and add to my prior year’s dwindling supply.  To have a collection on hand relieved the greeting card anxiety and forgetfulness I seemed to be plagued with.  Never will I be empty handed or have to rush to the store last minute.   Life celebrates or laments at a moments notice - I got a card for that.

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